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At IFFEN, like at every company, safety and hygiene are essential. As a future professional, you must set an example of respect for the set rules and protocol while inside.



The IFFEN center is entrusted with the care of its visitors and users. You are a part of this. For your well-being and the well-being of others, there are safety instructions to follow:

  • – It is formally forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages, toxic substances, or weapons.
  • – The movement of vehicles and people. You must respect the rules of parking in order to avoid blocking access for emergency services. All people unaffiliated with the establishment must obtain authorization from the center’s management for access.

In the case of an accident

In the event of an accident, even minor, report it to the trainer as well as to the administrative staff. In order to ensure the application of these rules and to ensure the good condition of the facilities and equipment, periodic visits may be made to the classrooms/premises made available to you.

Proper dress code required as in any public place.

For some courses, personal protective equipment is mandatory: safety, goggles for welders, etc.. Similarly, for the sake of everyone, a professional attitude must guide your behavior.


The maintenance of workshops and classrooms is the business of all its users. It is up to you, trainees, under the responsibility of your trainer.

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A very good center, unforgettable experiences. Wide choice of training; professional and creative trainers. Thank you! I highly recommend.

Health & safety Manager

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