IFFEN presents an educational virtual reality platform
IFFEN 9D virtual reality at WETEX in Dubai 3

At WETEX 2018 in Dubai, IFFEN presented an educational virtual reality platform for delivering trainings and tests. Through virtual reality headsets and 9D VR egg chairs, participants could explore a virtual city and experience a solar park installation.
The virtual reality platform has the potential to facilitate meetings between trainers and trainees and deliver training courses without the transportation time and cost of needing to be on site. Technical questionnaires and maneuvers can be studied interactively. Installation, repair and maintenance can be practiced and learned virtually before being applied on technical installations.
The platform can be customized, adapted and extended based on companies’ specific needs and projects.
For engineers, companies, and the mechanical engineering and renewable energy industries as a whole, virtual reality is the way into the future, and IFFEN is already building the path, digitally and through trainings around the world.

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