Visitors immerse themselves in IFFEN’s virtual reality training platform
IFFEN VR headset DPVR WETEX Dubai 2

Visitors to WETEX 2018, which included companies, directors, investors, innovators, inventors, and world leaders, dove into IFFEN’s educational virtual reality game platform, settling into 9D VR eggs or donning VR headsets.
The headsets follow participants’ head movements, and the virtual world can be moved through, interacted with, and manipulated with hand-held controllers.
The customizable and extensible platform will allow tests and trainings to be delivered virtually, potentially saving countless hours of transportation time and changing the way training courses can be offered. This is the way of the future and IFFEN was proud to offer WETEX 2018 visitors an initial experience of what’s possible with virtual reality, as we did in France at Viva Tech.
The virtual reality solar panel field gave participants the opportunity to explore a solar installation and answer technical questions.

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