Video: IFFEN in Dubai at WETEX 2018: Engineering trainings, educational virtual reality and technical installations

WETEX 2018 (Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition) and the Dubai Solar Show brought together companies, innovators, investors, leaders, officials and dignitaries from around the world. IFFEN’s team of skilled engineers and staff, including director Abdoul Benamer, connected with the thousands of people looking for the future of energy and finding

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Presenting a solar desalinisation system in partnership with GSS

IFFEN partner GSS (Global Solar Solutions) presented a solar desalinisation system at IFFEN’s WETEX 2018 stand. Solar desalinisation can create usable freshwater from seawater, brackish water, or contaminated water. Solar can reduce the cost of desalinisation and make it more widely usable and accessible, particularly in areas off the power

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IFFEN presents at WETEX 2018 in Dubai

As part of its development of international energy trainings, IFFEN presented at WETEX (Water, Electricity, Technology and Environment Exhibition) 2018 in Dubai, an exhibition now in its 20th year. DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) organized the exhibition with the theme “At the forefront of sustainability.” IFFEN has been working

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WETEX 2018 Award

Innovation Prize awarded to IFFEN at the Dubai Solar Show

IFFEN was awarded the Innovation Prize at the Dubai Solar Show 2018 for the institute’s on-site trainings. IFFEN Director Abdoul Benamer was honored to accept the award from HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Minister of Finance of the UAE and President of DEWA, at

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IFFEN Offical Training Partner for WETEX 2018 in Dubai

IFFEN, leader and partner

Business success is made through partnerships, and IFFEN is proud to move industries forward with its partners in France, Dubai, and around the world. As the Official Training Partner for WETEX 2018 and the Dubai Solar Show 2018, IFFEN led solar, air conditioning and refrigeration trainings in the on-site IFFEN

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