Presenting a solar desalinisation system in partnership with GSS

IFFEN partner GSS (Global Solar Solutions) presented a solar desalinisation system at IFFEN’s WETEX 2018 stand. Solar desalinisation can create usable freshwater from seawater, brackish water, or contaminated water. Solar can reduce the cost of desalinisation and make it more widely usable and accessible, particularly in areas off the power grid.
GSS’s industrial solar desalinisation machine is portable and completely autonomous. Particularly in countries where a country-wide grid is still being developed, this can prove a crucial tool for sourcing usable water.
Solar desalinisation is an area ripe for current and future innovation. In the United States, the Department of Energy in 2018 awarded 21 million dollars for solar-thermal desalinisation projects and technologies. There’s also tremendous potential for large-scale solar-powered desalinisation, with 16,000 desalination plants worldwide, the majority powered by non-renewable energy sources.
IFFEN and GSS previously collaborated to present a solar-powered cold room at COP22.

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