IFFEN’s solar refrigeration trainings presented to Dubai and the world

At WETEX 2018, IFFEN’s expert team presented participants with an array of educational material, technical equipment, and interactive installations. With the knowledge gained from working in the mechanical engineering and renewable energy industries day in and day out, IFFEN’s team of engineers and staff, including director Abdoul Benamer, were pleased to present educational materials to a global audience of companies and leaders.
The range of solar energy’s potential applications were on full display. IFFEN offers trainings for solar systems installations and maintenance, as well as the elements which can be served by solar, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration.
With the energy demands of cold rooms (or “walk-in freezers”) in restaurants, hotels, and other large-scale facilities, the use of solar power is a worthwhile investment which can lead to long-term cost savings.
IFFEN’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration trainings include the installation and maintenance of cold rooms. The solar trainings compromise all elements of solar installation (photovoltaic or thermal), from planning to completion.
Present at the WETEX stand was IFFEN partner GSS, presenting practical, dedicated applications of solar power: solar desalinsation, a solar-powered cold room, and a solar-powered air conditioning unit.

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