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Intelligent building is an integrated and interconnected infrastructure within a building. Networked technology – interfacing with systems, people and the building itself – can facilitate a smoother, more effective use of time, space and resources.
Safety, comfort, and an effective use of facilities are optimized for occupants, with automation where possible. For building owners and managers, intelligent building can offer clear advantages in terms of maintenance, monitoring, and long-term cost (for example, decreased utility costs).
IFFEN’s stand at WETEX 2018 (Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition) included information on intelligent building, and staff answered companies’ and visitors’ queries on the advantages of a networked infrastructure. Staff shared expertise on how to include intelligent building considerations in construction from the start and how existing facilities can be upgraded to be more automated, connected, and integrated with relevant technologies.
IFFEN’s trainings cover various fields related to intelligent building. Centralized control of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, access, lighting, and other dynamic elements are key to a building that works for its owners and occupants.

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