IFFEN 9D virtual reality at WETEX in Dubai 3

IFFEN presents an educational virtual reality platform

At WETEX 2018 in Dubai, IFFEN presented an educational virtual reality platform for delivering trainings and tests. Through virtual reality headsets and 9D VR egg chairs, participants could explore a virtual city and experience a solar park installation. The virtual reality platform has the potential to facilitate meetings between trainers

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Video: IFFEN in Dubai at WETEX 2018: Engineering trainings, educational virtual reality and technical installations

WETEX 2018 (Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition) and the Dubai Solar Show brought together companies, innovators, investors, leaders, officials and dignitaries from around the world. IFFEN’s team of skilled engineers and staff, including director Abdoul Benamer, connected with the thousands of people looking for the future of energy and finding

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IFFEN VR headset DPVR WETEX Dubai 2

Visitors immerse themselves in IFFEN’s virtual reality training platform

Visitors to WETEX 2018, which included companies, directors, investors, innovators, inventors, and world leaders, dove into IFFEN’s educational virtual reality game platform, settling into 9D VR eggs or donning VR headsets. The headsets follow participants’ head movements, and the virtual world can be moved through, interacted with, and manipulated with

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